A very warm welcome to Great Life Ahead (GLA).

I am glad you stumbled across my blog, which could prove to be a life enriching experience for you.

I started this blog to go beyond the established concepts of self-improvement and happiness.

My goal at Great Life Ahead is to transform it into a cherished community where you can share your thoughts, problems and challenges in life.

You will be finding all practical advice about Self Improvement, Motivation, Healthy Relationships, General tips about health, stress management in exams and the most important,

Work-Life Balance.

I won’t be overloading you with cumbersome tips which can’t be brought about in life.


I know how painful is to get stuck. When you find no way around. And that is the main motive behind the launch of Great Life Ahead

It feels awful to be stuck, ruining the core happiness of our lives. Why do we run all day?

Just to stay happy. Isn’t it?

But, How many of us are actually happy?

You have a bad health, worsening relationships, no-self motivation and you hate your job too. You have set so many priorities, that you have forgotten the real purpose of life.

To Stay Happy. To cherish your relationships. To have a better health. To accept failures to which most of us give up.

I want you to get the most out of your life. Great Life Ahead will help you live your life your way. This is a glimpse of all we will be talking about throughout the Journey,

  • Self motivation to live a life of your choice, at your terms and conditions.
  • Cope up with your job and entrepreneurial stress to maintain the perfect Work-Life Balance
  • Bust exam stress and stay worry free while improving your grades significantly
  • Going beyond materialism and identifying what actually is essential in your life
  • Develop a utilitarian attitude and stop judging things on price tags
  • Maintain healthy relationships
  • Achieving goals without ruining your happiness and facing unnecessary burnout.
  • Learn to stay happy even if alone at times
  • Dealing with youth concerns
  • Parenting

To get you started with the Journey, I have made a list of the most amazing resources on the blog

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