How to Stay Healthy at Work with Zero Sick Leaves


How to Stay Healthy at Work

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Your health is taking a toll on you. Sick leaves are increasing abruptly. You know that, admit it.

You have deadlines at work, but you feel sick, tired and sluggish. Frequent headaches, back and body pain, watery eyes happen to you every day, like a daily soap on TV.

You aren’t able to do anything about those inflated medical bills, except paying them; burning your pockets.

It’s Jam packed at work. Right??

Who has that much of time to work out and talk about health, Harsh?? You ask me.

I say it’s better to find a way, rather than paying for medical bills and extra insurance plans. I am not asking you to stop taking medical advice from a doctor or forcing you to stop paying for your health insurance.

Of Course, You should do it. But,

Would it make you feel any better?

You made a wrong entry and the company suffered a million dollar loss. You said it was a really bad headache, when you were doing it.

“Do you want me to buy that?” Your manager asks you, giving that weird look as if you have asked him for one of his kidneys.


Then, How to Stay Healthy at Work? How to feel Good at Work?

I won’t make you wealthy, but I am going to show you the path to the perfect workplace health. It’s never too late to make a change.

The destination is, The perfect health at work with No Sick leaves. A good enough motivation to read further.

Keep reading…

You will wonder, it’s going to cover every moment from the time you step into step out of your workplace.

So, Here is your Secret.

How to Stay Healthy at Work with No Sick Leaves


1. Say Bye to Lift, Hello to Stairs

Stairs are the first step to a robust workplace health. I won’t suggest to take the stairs for 20th Floor, but up to 5th floor is manageable. You know that, silly.

It’s not only your boss, taking a toll on you, but your sedentary life at work is. That small cubicle, where you are left gasping for breath all day with all bundles of papers and a workstation.

You never practiced running, when you wake up in the morning. You never walk, forget running.

How can you expect to be healthy, when you aren’t allowing your heart to function properly??

If you have a healthy heart, jog for 10 minutes a day. It’s no fun in the beginning, but it will spare your life in the future once you cross 30. It feels really good to sweat, to rip off stress with it.

So, what are you waiting for. Come, Take the Stairs with me today.


2. Le Tour Office

It’s the companion of Le Tour France, what I call it. Bicycles in your mind. Right??

You haven’t left any scope for locomotion. Most of you live the Cab Lifestyle. It’s completely understood when your workplace is 20 Kilometers away.

But, What about 4 or 5?

Don’t you like fresh air? Is it too hard to commute 4-5 Kilometers on a Bicycle?

If yes, sorry in advance. This post isn’t for you. I like to be straightforward, most of the times. Actually, always.

Cycling is the best exercise, for lower and upper limbs. When they keep moving, you are less prone to pain and injuries.

Even if you opt a cab, ask the driver to park it away from your home. It will allow you to walk.


3- Bring a Water Bottle

You feel like a toddler when asked to bring a water bottle to the office.

Why would you require a water bottle when you are having a supply at the office?


You measure sugar when you desperately want to lose weight.

Your body should be well hydrated as you are 70 percent water. Keep a track of your fluid intake in office.

You should be consuming 2-3 liters of water before stepping out of the office. It will release all the toxins out of your body, keeping you hydrated at the same time.

So, whenever you feel sleepy or uneasy while working, drink water.

Protect your body against dehydration even if it is winter.


4. Attack the essential task first hand

You like easy tasks, just because there is no pain. You start them, and end them. Absolutely, no hassles.

Life feels so good when tasks are simple.

But wait..

What about the gigantic ones?

The tasks which scare you, test your skills or have the stringent deadlines attached. You won’t like them and stay away for days, weeks and even months.

What happens next?

Boom. You have a monstrous task ahead. You may lose your job; which ultimately means more stress and worsening health.

Start your day with a knock off the sock task. Start with an easy task to warm up. But, attack the most hefty task immediately after that, before it becomes a pain in the neck and life.

You will spare tons of stress ahead. This is one of the keys to a Great Life Ahead. Simplifying the difficult. If the task is really cumbersome, break it into phases or chunks. Make sure you eat one or two chunks every day, so that there is no indigestion afterwards.


5. Look away from the screen, every 20-25 minutes

Ever noticed redness in the eyes??

Or watery, painful eyes. Frequent headaches and pain while blinking eyes??

The monitor is taking a toll on your eyes. If your work involves 9-10 hours computer work, it’s better you start taking care of your Eyes before it’s too late.

Don’t bulge inside the monitor for too long. Make sure you look away from it, every 20-25 minutes. Look at the top, right and left. Eat foods rich in Vitamin C (no substitutes please, stay natural).

Also, splash cold water on your eyes every hour when you take breaks. Let it dry on its own.

If you face other severe problems, consult an eye-specialist but don’t ignore. Never ignore the essential.

If the body starts protesting against you, howsoever hard you try, all efforts will go in vain.

So, make the first step now. For the sake of your eyes; which let you witness the beautiful world.


6. Time for a Coffee Fruit Juice

Stop reaching for that cup of coffee. The Caffeine provides an immediate boost of energy, which doesn’t last much.

Also, it doesn’t have the nutritional value that your body requires.

What to do then?

Drink a glass of Fruit Juice, instead. You are free to choose your flavor. Orange and Vegetable Juice are my favorite.

It will replenish the lost nutrients, which is a nice way to restore good health.

Make a pledge. Have a glass of Fruit Juice every day. Avoid canned juices, as they contain lots of preservatives.


7. Use fragrant Wet Wipes

This is for the super busy. If your job doesn’t allow to move from the desk frequently, keep a set of wet wipes in your bag.

Every half an hour, clean your face and eyes with it. Wet wipes are fragrant, easy to carry and leave a soothing sensation.

You can do this on your way to loo as well. I hope you get time for that, at least.


8. Be Prepared for the Snack Attack

It’s very luring to see your colleagues munching that donut and other high calorie, sugary foods.

Your mind says, “One piece won’t make a difference”.


That one piece makes all the difference. One, two, three and so on…

Take a pledge, to prepare yourself for the snack attack. Keep a stock of fruits and high fiber biscuits in your bag. You can carry sprouts as well. Salads perform well too.

They taste best along with the nourishment they provide to your body. You will feel energized whole day, once you win the snack battle and switch to fruits.

Orange, Banana, Pineapple, Water Melon, Apple, Dates, Cranberry to name a few. Make sure you wash them well before you eat.


9. Never Skip a Meal

This is fatal. You have no idea, in what manner your body may protest once it doesn’t get the supply of the essential nutrients.

Never ever, skip a meal. Even if you are on strict deadlines, make sure you get 10 minutes to eat.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Also, it gives you the required energy before work. Drink a glass of milk with Whole Wheat Brown Bread.

If you don’t like milk, prefer Orange Juice or Mixed Fruit Juice. In place of the bread, you can try oats as well. If still confused what to eat, contact a nutritionist and they will plan it for you.

During lunch time, you can have rice, cereals, mixed vegetables or soybean (an excellent source of protein). Make sure it contains at least one, green leafy vegetable. Try curd as well. It will help you digest food.

Practice eating small chunks, throughout the day. Every 3-4 hours, make sure you chew (Hope you get my point, no chewing gum, please).


10. The Hand Wash Therapy

How many times do you touch every day?

Touch what, Harsh?

Anything. A surface, a person, a keyboard, a mouse, a pen. You don’t wash hands before you eat. I know that.

Every surface you touch, is a potent germ carrier which makes you sick. Microorganisms like bacteria are ingested through the mouth, which cause diseases. You are the one who can take care of hygiene, the first step towards a good health.

Before you eat anything, make sure you wash your hands with an antiseptic soap. Wipe hands with a clean towel or paper napkin. Make this a habit, every time you go to loo.


11. Never leave home without Handkerchief

You dig your nose with fingers?

Don’t lie now. I know you do.

You never cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. An open invitation to viral infections. Common Cold is really bad. Isn’t it??

Stop being contagious now.

From now onward, make a reminder in your phone. You won’t leave the house without a handkerchief or paper napkins.

You sweat. Wipe off with hands. Germs, Germs everywhere…

Don’t be a carrier of germs. Learn to dispose them. While coughing or sneezing, point to your shoulders. Use a cover while doing so.

12. Carry a Toothbrush

How many of you are guilty of tooth ache?

Every one.

You eat all day, but never care about oral health. Teeth are the most vital organs of the body and often, the most IGNORED.

You don’t brush your teeth properly and never use a mouthwash. Cavities, tooth decay, Bad breath and toothache are very common problems and they suck to the core. Right??

Carry a toothbrush and a mouthwash with you. Brush your teeth after you have lunch. Use a floss. Rinse with mouthwash.

It won’t take more than 8-10 minutes. It will spare you the trouble and cut out on your dentist’s bill as well.

What else do you need?

Make sure you brush your teeth, before you sleep at night.

“Brushing 3 times a day, keeps cavities away”. Trust me, it is original. Made by me. Just while writing it for you.


13. Crack Jokes, feel light

While talking to your mates, keep it light. Talk about movies, or your last weekend, or a vacation where you enjoyed a lot.

Talk about things which made you dance with joy. Create a positive aura within you, around you.

Make fun (just fun) and have fun. Don’t discuss employment issues or how bad the job is. Wear a smile on your face, and encourage others to do so. Laugh your heart out.

Read this if you want to fall in love with a job you hate. It will really help.


14. Clean Your laptop/Workstation

It may sound weird to you. Right??

But you never take a note of all the dust which sticks to your screen, keyboard and mouse. As you are already not a big fan of hygiene, you totally ignore it.

The dust is inhaled while you breathe and can make you sick by causing respiratory problems.

So, make it a habit to wipe your workstation and accessories with a clean cloth at least twice a day.


15. Buy a Lens Cleaner Today

Most of you prefer spectacles. I am one of them too. We never feel like carrying the pain of contact lens as it causes irritation in the eyes sometimes.

But, is your vision clear with spectacles or you are still struggling with those headaches and watery eyes?

It’s time to bust the blurry vision.

The simple fix- Buy a good quality lens cleaner today. After you wake up in the morning, clean your spectacles with it and wipe it with a clean cloth. 

Let it dry and then wear it. Not only you will get rid of the blur, you might see a reduction in headaches and pain in the eyes.

If it doesn’t help, take medical advice immediately. Don’t even dare to take chance with your eyes. They are the mirror of the world. Preserve them. Take good care of them.



You are jam packed busy with your job. You have deadlines, pressure to perform and the never ending stress.

It’s fine as it is a part of the job culture. You can’t run away. But, your body should have the strength to withstand so much of pressure.

This is possible only if you are in good health. The best moments sway away, when you feel sick or having a worsening health.

Can’t you just stretch for 3-5 minutes every hour? Is it too much of an ask?

Certainly not. It’s never too late, if you start doing it now.

“A healthy body can do wonders. No wonders can cure an unhealthy body”.

So, what are you waiting for?


It’s your say now,

What other techniques do you use to stay healthy at work? Do you use any of the above mentioned techniques?

Would you like to mention some other techniques which can help our readers? I never mind improvising.

Any tested and successful methods which helps you stay healthy at work, please let us know through the comments.

Stay healthy, stay fine and have a Great Life Ahead Friends.

Talk Soon,

Harsh Tripathy

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