How to Make the Most of Holidays and Pump Up Your Motivation Instantly

Holidays are the most awaited times of the year. You must be checking the holiday calendar everyday, Right??

You want to know how far are those moments of relaxation and rejuvenation; when you could revive your soul and find some quality time for your loved ones.

You make some plans, drop some and you constantly think what you will be doing once holidays knock at your door.

But what really happens?

You are not able to make out; What to do and what not to? You get bombarded with a number of ideas, most of them giving you more stress than providing a moment of respite. You keep on wondering about how to make the most of holidays.

You don’t want to waste your holidays. Isn’t it??

You know you have been planning in advance and took so much of pain. Your motivation is sinking down.

You can’t afford to lose the chance as it’s vague when you’ll get the next.

Don’t Worry. I have gone through the same rush which you are going through. Nothing wrong about it.

I will be sharing the ragtag strategy for supercharged vacations, that will only lift your motivation up.

Once you start afresh after the holidays, you won’t ever regret as you will move the next step to be a better person than ever before.


So, How to Make the Most of Holidays and Supercharge your Motivation Levels

How to make the most of Holidays

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1. Accomplish a task that’s been pending for ages

You are busy. Actually, you are always busier than the previous day. Running all day round.

There are things you always think about daily, but never able to accomplish due to the jam packed schedule creating a huge backlog of tasks.

It might be a new health insurance plan, paying household bills, becoming more organized in your paper work or just going for a routine health check up.

It’s time to do it pal. You never get the same opportunity again, Remember?? If now now, when are you going to find the time?

If you do it now, you will feel much more relieved, once you are back on track after the holidays. The sense of accomplishing a task is priceless.

You must be thinking of the next holidays. Sorry to break you here, but if you wait now, you will be waiting forever.


2. Be Slow and Steady (Who Ultimately wins the race)

I know you are always in a rush. While doing one thing, you keep on thinking about the next. You focus is divided, causing huge stress.

You never enjoy the present moment, as you are skidding through the miseries of the past and the unlocked doors of the future.

Holidays are the perfect time to slow down. I am not asking you to drive your car at 10 Kilometers an hour. It’s just about focusing on now.

Brush Slowly. Take your time while taking your shower. Take a deep breath and make sure it goes to your lungs.

Chew your food (In India, we do it 32 times before taking it in). If you wake up on time, it will really help to achieve this initiative.

“Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

Lao Tzu


3. Plan a vacation with your family and friends

It’s been a long time you have planned a vacation. The good news, now you can and you should.

Here is the work cycle, you go through,

You work, get tired, you relax and then work again. You can’t think how many times it happens.

Go on a trip to some hill station, where you can enjoy the landscapes and cherish the nature’s beauty.

Breathe in the fresh air. It will soothe your mind and calm your nerves. Click photos and make memories.

Work is for life. But, the memories you make last forever. Spend time with your family/friends. Speak your mind and laugh your heart out with them.

Your worries will vanish, pumping you with that always required motivation.


4. Plan a Get Together with Old Buddies

There must be friends in your contact and chat list, who once used to be the best buddies.

Somehow, ways split and what remained is; a momentary call on Birthdays and Anniversaries. You don’t call them regularly, no chats on instant messengers, nothing.

Does that mean those friends have lost their value in life? Absolutely Not.

It’s the perfect time to relive old memories. Never think why they didn’t try to contact you or kept terms with you; after you left the college or past job.

Such petty things suck the joy out of your life. Just give them a call these holidays, arrange for a get together and have a Great Life Ahead with them.


5. Gratitude for Life

You feel consumed; because you think life didn’t give you what you want. At least, you still have the courage to make a step towards it.

But, What about those things which you got and millions are still craving for?

You need to open your eyes now, maybe some blocked part of your mind as well.

If you keep on thinking about the future, to be happy when your biggest dreams gets fulfilled; I am sorry you can’t be happy ever.

“Happiness is all about appreciating the small things you have while striving for the large.”

Go to a nearby park or riverside, or any calm place which allows you to sit in peace. Think of those things which you could appreciate at the present moment,

If you ask for suggestions, I have some for you

  • A roof over your head while millions in the world are homeless
  • Good food to eat while children are dying every day because of starvation
  • Nice clothing to keep you warm when it’s chilly outside
  • Your health which always feels good and proud
  • Your well wishers, family/friends.

I am not asking you for stagnation in life. Life is meant to move on. But, till the time you can’t appreciate the present; you won’t expect to be happy and prosperous in the future as well.

Just go through the above list and think how life would have been, if even one thing was missing from it. You will feel the difference, instantly.


6. Take the much needed, Rest

Holidays equip you with this marvelous opportunity, to take rest. It’s the perfect time when you could think about your body and overworked senses.

What rest means to all?

Sleeping. Right??

But, taking rest is not just about sleeping. It is just a smaller part of rest.

Rest relaxes your mind and provide calmness to your body. It frees you from mundane thoughts. Just grab a cup of coffee and sit on an arm-chair while reading a good book. That’s rest.

The best way to take rest is Shavasana, a yoga practice preached in India and all over the world. You can try body and arm stretching as well. Learn  more about this technique in this short video,

And the conventional method is sleep. It’s a never ending debate how much sleep the body needs.

If you ask me, it’s a minimum of 5.30 hours to 8 hours. Sleeping beyond these limits have negative effects on the body and mind.


7. Maintain distance from Gadgets

Gadgets are an integral part of your life. In fact, you are planning to change your Phone or I pad. Right??

But, it is the time when you should keep a distance from the digital world; only if peace is required.

What’s the harm? You use the gadgets every  day. I am just asking to cut out on usage.

Stop checking your phone every now and then. It’s not mandatory to respond every text. If something is important, they will definitely call.

Ask them if it’s that urgent. If not, state it clearly that you will respond later. Peace is in your hands, pal. You have to fetch it yourself as it can’t be gifted to you.

Some privileges are to be taken by default, they are never asked for.


8. Step into your childhood

Remember those sand houses on the beach?

I know you do. But you are afraid to admit. You are afraid of being called “KIDDISH” (In Double Quotes)

Is it a crime to be kiddish, at least at times??

It is not. You think the memories of childhood can’t come back. Isn’t it?

Sorry to break you, they can. It’s up to you who can bring them.

I used to be a big fan of comic books and Pokemon. I could give up on anything to watch the 5 PM Pokemon Show

(Pikachoo and Bulbasaur were my favorite, and Yours?)

It’s time to relish the glory of childhood. The best time of your’s and mine. No worries, no commitments, no blog posts to overcome problems, Nothing.

Resources were limited and money too, still you were happy. It isn’t bad to remember the past always.

So, watch some inspirational movies and indulge in those activities which you did in your childhood. Feel that joy again. Make it a part of your life, again.


9. Play an Outdoor Game

Once upon a time, you were a big fan of Football and Cricket. But, the time has passed away.

Now you just play Counter Strike and all Mobile based games, which do nothing except hampering your eyes.

You feel the stress accumulated all across your body, in your lower and upper limbs and back area. You live a life lacking locomotion. Sitting all day in the Cubicle.

Holidays are the best time to bust the stress and go for some hard physical workout. If you don’t like Gym, this could be an interesting alternative.

Real games are outdoor games; which make you sweat; which make you breathe heavily and which actually feels good. It leads the path towards better sleep cycles and health.

Go Play Football. Make that basket count. Score a Boundary.

Try and make room for your body. See the difference after the vacations are over. Ready to experience the elevated motivation levels?

If Yes, then go play now and make sure you get your clothes dirty.


10. Go Green

You are running day and night. To make up for those inflated bills. You don’t have time to eat, forget about breathing from your lungs.

Clean air is what you need, because you are taking it in; every single moment. That’s what which keeps us alive, Right??

But have you ever planted a sapling or tree?

NO. But, It’s not my job what you say.

Make it your first job these holidays. Take a stand for your environment, for the sake of your health, for the ones who you love the most.

Trees are life. As taught in childhood lessons, they give you clean air, fruits, wood and shade in summers and rain.

They demand just a little care in return. Is it too much for an ask?

Certainly not. So, plant a tree in your Garden or join a plantation program these holidays. Make sure you play your part in preserving the environment.

It is for you and the aspiring generations. Save Mother Earth.


10. Boost Self Esteem

You say your achievements are fewer than others. Failures were your obstacles. Right??

Life has never been easy for you. You struggled a lot to achieve the smallest of things. Doesn’t that mean your life is more complete than others?

You know what failure is and you respect success. Whatever you got, it is a result of the hard work you put in.

Why are you living with a low esteem?

Admire yourself these holidays. Learn to respect your own hard work. Once you pay heed to those tiny or big obstacles which you overcome, the motivation inside you will be magically uplifted.


11. Spread a Smile

This is the simplest way to find happiness and peace. Make someone smile, make them laugh.

It will inculcate a sense of empathy in you. You see happiness, it gets back to you.

Make others happy and you will be happier than ever.

Listen to others, cheer them up. Make them feel good about the present, and see the rush of happiness. It multiplies.

12. Accept Solitude

There are situations in life, when you are left alone. Mostly, when you need support of your loved ones.

You ask yourself why did this happen?

Well, the toughest things in life are to be dealt alone. Just to make sure you still can.

Stand up like a warrior. Face your challenges, even if you are alone. You are going to be fine. Things will fall into place once you accept this tacky feeling, often called solitude.


13. Rejuvenate, don’t Run

You might feel that relaxing these holidays may get you over all the problems.

The sorry fact, it won’t. Relaxing helps, running doesn’t.

Don’t be an escapist. Rejuvenation gives you the courage, the optimum state of mind to start over all again. It can’t let you go off all worries.

If you make it means to escape, it won’t yield anything. You will be the same, before and after the holidays.



You go through numerous feelings before, during and after holidays. It feels miserable after the holidays, because it was nothing that you did, apart from sleeping.

As a result, the mind gets overcrowded due to lack of any accomplishments during the vacations.

On the other hand, if you are able to get through even 50% of the above mentioned tips and tasks, you are progressing. Your motivation levels get elevated.

So, enjoy the holidays and get back to work. 

May every life, becomes a Great Life Ahead


Need your thoughts now,

What other activities could you suggest during the holidays?

What is that one thing which you like doing the most during Vacations?

Do you have some unusual hobbies? If Yes, Comment Below and let the World Know.

Talk Soon,

Harsh Tripathy

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