How to Love Your Job Like a Boss

You have made your mind. You are going to quit your full time Job.

The reasons why you hate your Job are numerous. But every time your mind says, “I have had enough now.” The current Job is not your cup of tea.

You feel jailed for 9.5 hours in that small Cubicle. You are being chased by that nasty feeling every morning, to cope up with a place you never belonged to.

But Wait…

I heard a silent scream. The inside of you screaming. Who will be arranging for my bills?

You feel disgusted to face the ground reality..

You are not in a position to quit your Job, Howsoever hard the circumstances are. No matter what your state of mind is.

You simply can’t get away with it. You searched for alternatives,  but it didn’t help. You feel stuck in a boggy marsh.

“The harder you try to get out, deeper you get submerged in it.”

You think about the worsening situation, which yields nothing but making you a complaint box.

All efforts in Vain.

But Wait,

Is it that bad what you really think it is??

Probably, You haven’t come across these thoughts which could make you feel better.

I am not saying your job is pleasant or you are not going through hardships over there. It may be bad, or even worse.

But, it is not only the job nature which is causing the agony. Your rigidness and lack of the right attitude in performing things is contributing equally.

You wonder. Isn’t there anything which could pull you out of this situation, this very discomfort you have to get through every day.

Fortunately, the answer is YES.

The cure begins with making things better. When you are ill, you don’t recover in a day. Right??

Every remedy takes its share of time to work. If you don’t want to love your Job, you won’t. As a companion, I won’t advise you to make an attempt.

But, you can always learn to leverage techniques that can make things easier for you.

Here’s how you can start:

How to love your job you hate the most?

How to love your Job

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Think of the hard work you did to get the Job

It wasn’t a piece of cake for you. You must have spent panicky nights, burning midnight oil to secure this Job.

You need to learn: Getting a thing is tough, losing or quitting the same is easy.

If you can’t respect the job, at least learn to respect your hard work. No motivation can drive the frustration out, except this one.

Once you start respecting yourself, things will automatically fall into place. You will start feeling better, even in the worst moments of your Job.

So, the next time your mind forces you to surrender, bring the fact into consideration.


Ever thought of your friends or peers craving for a Job?

I asked the question. Although, I know the answer that you didn’t.

It’s the time you have a look around and accept the fact. There are people, craving to get a Job which you feel dirty about every day.

They are 100 times more desperate to get the Job, than you who is trying to quit the Job. Still, it’s yielding no fruit for them. The same old-fashioned disappointment is what all they get.

The very next time you give up, just give a call to a friend who is still hunting for a Job. I won’t say it would drastically change your work nature, but..

You will be spared of all the frustration, thinking about those who are yet to get one.


Do You Want to Under perform in life?

I asked the question, because I know you don’t want to.

Take an oath today. Take a pledge. Make a promise to yourself.

If you can’t take additional tasks, at least do full justice to whatever you are assigned. If not full, do partial justice, but do it.

You would wonder why the hell one do that?

Here’s the answer. Just to feel good about yourself, before you sleep at night. Once you succeed, your mind will say

“If I could manage to reach stars with a Job I hate, I could grab the moon with something I am passionate about”.

A single thought, like the above one is enough to conquer the evils of your mind at your workplace.


Never Say ‘NO’ Bluntly

‘I won’t do it at any cost’. This is what you are accused of. Every single time you are assigned a task, these words come automatically from your mouth; like a robot.

Correction. Instead of the above phrase, say you will give it a shot. Try hard to achieve it. No regrets if you fail to do it.

You could enjoy the inner satisfaction of being a ‘TRY HARD’ person.

Why so much of trying when you just hate it?

This question has bothered you since the beginning. Time to end the curiosity.

You should try so that you don’t have time to think. If you don’t try, the management is going to get rude on you. You will land in hot water, which will just enhance the dissonance to your Job.

But, if you try, you won’t be getting any time to think how much you hate your Job or What you need to get out of the situation.

It would amaze you..

It worked magically for ME and my friends. Every time you face the burn, just keep the desire alive to learn something out of it.


“If you can’t get professional knowledge, you can always get peoples’ knowledge and that work everywhere.”

The phases of life aren’t permanent.


Where you were yesterday, you aren’t today.

When you went to school, you knew you would attend college. While attending college, you knew you would do a job. To earn a living.

Now, when you hate your job so much; don’t you think it won’t be happening to you forever??

You enjoyed every phase of your life, irrespective of the ups and downs of your share.

Takeaway, treat your job as a phase of life. The situation is temporary; going to be over soon.

If you are too much bothered, upgrade your skills and get away from this job. You are never old to upgrade your skills. Don’t give a damn about people who say you are too old to make a shift now.

Are you a backbiter?

You have a tendency to backbite. You love talking about other’s stuff because it is human nature to socialize.

PS: Office socialization is about saying nasty things about people.

Some take it as fun and they are not too serious about it.



Are you a victim of Jealousy?

You would say No, but it is true. You feel jealous. You want to see yourself in some other person’s socks.

Your colleague or manager might be having a lucrative paycheck, incentives, cars etc. etc.

Is Jealousy going to yield anything for you?

No. The situation will remain stagnant. You would say that they are flatterers and fortunate as well.

So what?

Is it mandatory to ruin your peace of mind cribbing about other’s assets? Why not find a way to your progress?

“You have only two competitors. What you were yesterday and what you are today.”

Compete with your past if you can. It will certainly help. Surely, it will take time as nothing gets accomplished overnight. Once you start practicing it, you will find a new way of life which preaches “Self-Competence”.

You scored 55% in the last exam. You took a pledge to improve and got 70% this time. This is called progress.

“Progress is measured with the self, not with others”.


Can you laugh when you are screwed up at Job?

You get intimidated by your boss. You are scolded everyday, sometimes in front of your colleagues.

It harms your self-esteem. Right??

Suddenly, it becomes more important what, your colleagues think about you. They might call you a loser or stop respecting and talking to you. You lose your self worth.

But, Are you the only one who suffers from this?

Absolutely NO. Your colleagues have their share of intimidation as well. They are scolded and are warned to be sacked. Who doesn’t make mistakes and get scolded for it?

If you think it won’t happen at some other Job, then I am sorry. I can’t lie. You will face the same situation with a different boss, again and again.

Start laughing at these moments. You should narrate to your friends, with a broad smile on your face.

You will feel bad for a couple of hours. After that, trash it from your memory. Nobody has the time and energy to think your stuff as they have theirs.


Over-cribbing won’t help you anymore.

When you feel bad or desperately want to change a situation, you crib about it. Feel bad about it. Worry about it.

And, Cry about it.

At first, your close ones do understand your situation and they try everything to make you feel better.

But once you become a crib-machine, they start repelling. They start avoiding you. You feel they don’t support you and don’t care about you.

“Only I know what I am going through”. That’s what you say.”

Then, how can you expect others to be in your shoes and understand??

If you know your feelings that well, stop expecting from others to supply a solution to it.

Cribbing steals Joy. It keeps you busy, doing nothing. Discuss with a close on, but focus on the solution.

“Everybody knows the problem, a few can give you a solution.”


Grab a coffee, listen to some good music

There are times when you feel over-stressed. Nothing works out to calm you. No piece of advice could help you.

But, a cup of coffee can. Grab a cup of coffee and listen to some soothing, soulful music.

Music has the power to heal. I have myself tried and tested this technique. It can soothe your nerves.

So just look for a headphone and forget the rest for now.


Stop bothering about people

You may come to know that others say bad things about you. They are delivering rumors about your life.

Your nasty situation is just confined to a gossip topic for them, which they could make fun of.

Sorry to say, if you pay heed to them, you are wasting your time.

You can’t control others talking about you. But you have the remote control to your senses.

Instead of saying, How dare you bitch about me, say nothing. Keep your calm. Overreacting is of no help.


Talk to your manager

If you have personal misunderstandings, try talking and sort them out.

If you have a problem with your shifts, ask them and they would consider changing it or rotating it if your job nature allows to do so.

If you feel burnt out with an overload, discuss them to take any corrective action. If you want leaves, ask for them.

I am not saying all managers are pleasant (they aren’t) but it is your duty to let them know your challenges.

How the hell would anyone know without you speaking up?

Speak up today and see what happens next. It might bring a change to your existing situation.


Salary is the biggest motivation

I talk sense. Isn’t it??

When you feel pathetic about your job, count the days remaining to get your salary. Think of the stuff that you love to do and that isn’t possible without your paycheck.

Don’t get dependent, but this quick thought will certainly lighten up your mood.



When you feel the rush or damn scared, just breathe. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Do it 5-10 times to feel better instantly.

It would give you the courage to look forward. Breathing will make you feel alive. It will help you to believe that still, you can make an impact by changing things.


Ever considered a Job rotation?

If you don’t find your current job role matching with your skill set, ask for a job rotation.

If you are not comfortable with the job location and want to relocate, talk to your HR.

It might take time and there is no surety that you will get success.

But, it is always important to speak up. It is your right to exercise options. Doesn’t matter how successful they get.

If you succeed, well and good. If you don’t, you will get the internal satisfaction of speaking up your heart and being yourself.


Never reveal your future plans

Don’t make this mistake, else you will ruin your career.

The organization is paying you to work for them, so that you could contribute towards their progress and profits.

If you talk about your plans of owning a business or changing the job with someone like your manager or the upper management, you will surely create a negative impression.

Keep any plans to just one person, yourself.


Maintain harmony and develop warm relationships

Be good to everyone. Greet everyone. Have healthy conversations.

Ask your colleagues for a movie (Beware with the opposite sex). If you get an opportunity to help someone, just do it.

Never expect anything in return. Laugh your heart out with your colleagues. It will foster warm and healthy relationships.

That is going to help you in every phase of your life.


Look for another Job

If you have started feeling the heat and are not able to cope up anymore.

If none of the techniques mentioned above help you, it is the time to say Goodbye.

But, search for a job that interests you if you could exercise the option of changing your domain.

If you love travelling, search for a job which allows you to travel.

If you love writing, try and find a job which would offer exposure to writing. Drop your CV. This will give you the peace of doing something to get out of the current job.

You can always mold your career. People who talk bad about you don’t want it to happen, because they can’t do it.

It’s up to you now.

You want to rule yourself or get ruled by the opinions of others.

A final piece of advice..

Try not to leave your job until you find a substitute. Risk is not for everyone. If you decide to take the risk, never repent afterwards. No matter, what happens.

If you have somebody to cover your expenses for the meantime, just do it. If your self-respect comes in the way, go through the paragraph above.

A job might frustrate you, but still you are in the process of developing life-skills. You will be a stronger person with much more clarity.

You will gather the courage to live through discomforts, which is the essence of life.



There are millions struggling who hate their Job. Some learn the art of coping with it, living with it and the rest transform to frustrated souls.

It is always a better option to look for alternatives. Running won’t help but chasing for the solution does.

Keep your calm and look forward. Look for the waves coming to you, never bother about those who have already receded.


Need your thoughts now,

Is there something which went uncovered in this post??

Do you want to add some more factors which helped you gain peace at your Job.

Can you make it a better experience for our readers struggling at the workplace.

If yes, then leave your comments and transform each life, to a GREAT LIFE AHEAD.

Talk Soon,

Harsh Tripathy















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