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How to Love Your Job Like a Boss

You have made your mind. You are going to quit your full time Job. The reasons why you hate your Job are numerous. But every time your mind says, “I have had enough now.” The current Job is not your cup of tea. You feel jailed for 9.5 hours in that small Cubicle. You are

How to Stay Healthy at Work with Zero Sick Leaves

    Your health is taking a toll on you. Sick leaves are increasing abruptly. You know that, admit it. You have deadlines at work, but you feel sick, tired and sluggish. Frequent headaches, back and body pain, watery eyes happen to you every day, like a daily soap on TV. You aren’t able to

10 Burning Questions to Answer Before Quitting a Job

  You want to hammer down your job. Sitting on that nice, comfortable Office Chair is no less than sitting on a gas stove. Isn’t it? Deadlines, targets, promotions, politics… There is so much that burns you every day. You feel grilled under that never ending pressure, just for the sake of a tiny paycheck.

Why You Hate Your Job So Much With Every Passing Day

You simply hate your job. The workplace has transformed into an alien zone for you. It feels miserable to spendĀ those precious 9.5 + hours at a place where you don’t actually belong to. You feel frustrated, angry and consumed. You are transforming into a moreĀ irritable person, day by day and many of your well-wishers have

10 mandatory Things to do at the Start of Every Work Day

“The quality of the start defines the destiny of the end”. Click To Tweet You wake up with sky high aspirations in the morning. You prepare the breakfast, get the kids ready for school and groom yourself to be a rock star at the office. You utter to yourself, “What a great day it is”.