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How to Cure Face Pigmentation: 13 Natural Remedies that Work

We are obsessed with flawless skin. Forget about white or black, a clear skin looks beautiful and gives a lot of confidence. A skin problem is a nightmare as it won’t go away easily. Melasma or hyperpigmentation is one common condition, faced by both women and men in all age groups. Though the problem is

How to Stay Healthy at Work with Zero Sick Leaves

    Your health is taking a toll on you. Sick leaves are increasing abruptly. You know that, admit it. You have deadlines at work, but you feel sick, tired and sluggish. Frequent headaches, back and body pain, watery eyes happen to you every day, like a daily soap on TV. You aren’t able to

10 Ways to Improve Digestion For the Super Busy

  So, You are one of the victims of the boiling sounds in the stomach? You have a terrible digestive system and an upset stomach. That’s why I got a reader for the post. Right? And, You scratch the whole web for answers, but there is nothing apart from the “Exercise Daily” and “Eat Healthy”

10 Health Benefits of Lemons You should Squeeze Everyday

Lemon isn’t just a fruit, it’s a super fruit. Not only it tastes great, it’s an excellent healer with innumerable health benefits. The best part is, it is really cheap and readily available in the supermarkets. It’s a part of our kitchen and our refrigerator as well. The benefits of lemons can’t be undermined in

How to Break Coffee Addiction in 30 days

Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso or just a cup of Cold Coffee. I might be missing upon a lot more other options. This is what the options on a Coffee machine or a vending shop suggests. You seem to have known all the variants of coffee by now. Not only this, you know about every popular coffee