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Your Life Saver Guide to Focus On Studies for exams

Exams are scary. It gives you nightmares and sweat breaks. (Nodding) The fear of being judged is pouncing inside your head, even now. Sometimes, you feel like studying for the sake of exams, but most of the time, you feel the heat. You just don’t want to open the book. In a world full of

Is it possible to Study with a Full Time Job (Without feeling tired)

    The headline alone sends you shivers down the spine. Ripping of an already exhausted mind, with an additional burden of studying. Hell No. You ask me, “Are you talking about cracking an exam while working a full time job?” And I say, Yes. You say, the way is full of thorns as the

How One Exam failure Changed my life’s perception

Result Status-Failed. You have failed in your exam. That’s what your college notice board or the result website suggests. That means you have to re-appear or wait for one long year to clear the exam. The very thought is creepy, as you have to see your peers on the next level while you struggle to