Welcome to Great Life Ahead.

To start out with, let us talk about you first, because you are more important to me than anything.

It is a pleasure that you stumbled across my brand new blog. Great Life Ahead isn’t just another personal development blog where I will be sharing all impractical tips that appear good in books only. It’s a platform where we will be sharing life, no matter how beautiful it is or how ugly it can get. Me and You, will be fighting with all those elements of life which makes you feel stuck.

The root cause of unhappiness is, getting stuck in a place and having no idea to move to the next level. You get angry, frustrated and consumed and from these emotions, other grave problems start pouring in. Great Life Ahead is not about improving what we are doing in life, it’s all about feeling better with whatever progress we are making while dealing with everyday situations.

I am not a motivational Guru who will be giving you lectures for hours and not knowing what you are going through. I have made this place for empathy, where I can have an open conversation with awesome people like you. I would like to know everything about you from the breakfast you eat to books you read to the people you meet and what you feel about them. It’s not about I giving a random piece of advice to you, it’s about building a cherished community with you where there is an open flow of thoughts.

I am building this platform to reach to my highest potential and in the process, help you to do the same in your endeavors. So, it will always be a two-sided conversation. I won’t be spamming you with a surface level solution to a problem, which you will just read and forget the very next moment. I will be sharing real word problems and their possible solutions to an in-depth level, derived from my own experiences.

I will be sending emails, not more than twice in a week. The opinions shared on Great Life Ahead are my own and you won’t find any regurgitation of thoughts spread elsewhere on the web. That’s what I have to offer to my awesome readers and friends.

Now, I will talk a little about me and my life,

Who am I?

I am a 25- year old guy and I live in India. Just like you, I am a work-in-progress and learning to keep my life as simple as possible. I worked with one of the top IT companies in India and as a Content Writer and Marketer with a reputed digital marketing agency in India. As of now, I have quit my full-time job to become a full time blogger. I was a straight A student as I have mentioned in How One Exam failure Changed my life until  failure struck me.

I have been through a number of realizations in my life and you would be amazed to know that everything expensive, ranging from luxury cars to penthouses, does not add glitter to my eyes. I practice minimalism and frugal living and I love to call myself a Utilitarian. Price tags don’t make a difference to me. I am fond of my friends and love to hang out with them. What I love the most is, Untangling life for myself and the people around me

I always prefer mental piece over matter. My core beliefs are simple living and minimalism. My hobbies are writing, reading motivational books and blogs walking in the mild afternoon sun and watching shows based on love and romance.

So, what’s Yours??

Some of the recent little achievements are,

  • Increased my weight from a mere 52 Kg to 67 kg in a span of 6 months, without being obese.
  • Joined a Gym in February 2016
  • Cutting my share of junk food and switching to sprouts once a day.
  • Running a half an hour on a treadmill everyday, with a bucket of sweat

Talk Soon,

Harsh Tripathy

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