How to Cure Face Pigmentation: 13 Natural Remedies that Work

We are obsessed with flawless skin. Forget about white or black, a clear skin looks beautiful and gives a lot of confidence. A skin problem is a nightmare as it won’t go away easily. Melasma or hyperpigmentation is one common condition, faced by both women and men in all age groups. Though the problem is

17 Techniques to Become a Morning Person

Early morning is the time when most people choose sleep over everything they ever wanted in life. Introduce them to the idea to become a morning person and, BANG (Gets Punched in Face). That feeling of sticking to the bed for a few more hours is simply, inexplicable. Isn’t it? No stress about life or

13 Reasons to Wake Early in the Morning

 “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man, healthy wealthy and wise”- Benjamin Franklin “I never knew a man come to greatness or eminence who lay abed late in the morning”- Jonathan Swift We’ve all been there. Every person reading the post must have at least wished once in a lifetime to wake

How to Love Your Job Like a Boss

You have made your mind. You are going to quit your full time Job. The reasons why you hate your Job are numerous. But every time your mind says, “I have had enough now.” The current Job is not your cup of tea. You feel jailed for 9.5 hours in that small Cubicle. You are

How to Make the Most of Holidays and Pump Up Your Motivation Instantly

Holidays are the most awaited times of the year. You must be checking the holiday calendar everyday, Right?? You want to know how far are those moments of relaxation and rejuvenation; when you could revive your soul and find some quality time for your loved ones. You make some plans, drop some and you constantly

How to Stay Healthy at Work with Zero Sick Leaves

    Your health is taking a toll on you. Sick leaves are increasing abruptly. You know that, admit it. You have deadlines at work, but you feel sick, tired and sluggish. Frequent headaches, back and body pain, watery eyes happen to you every day, like a daily soap on TV. You aren’t able to

Your Life Saver Guide to Focus On Studies for exams

Exams are scary. It gives you nightmares and sweat breaks. (Nodding) The fear of being judged is pouncing inside your head, even now. Sometimes, you feel like studying for the sake of exams, but most of the time, you feel the heat. You just don’t want to open the book. In a world full of

15 Shocking Reasons You are Still Single and Won’t Mingle

Even your cat has got a soul mate, You are still single. Quite frustrating for you. Isn’t it?? You browse social media, just to find your friends going from “Single” to “In a Relationship”. You start questioning yourself. Looking for haphazard answers all across the web (Just like this one). The only difference, the answer

Warning-15 Toxic People Who Screw Your Life Everyday

What? Did I just call your friends and social circle toxic? Did I say you are hanging around with toxic people? Yes, I did. I am not talking about everyone. Friendship is one of the most essential components of life. It completes you. It completes me. But, there is an exception to it. There are

10 Burning Questions to Answer Before Quitting a Job

  You want to hammer down your job. Sitting on that nice, comfortable Office Chair is no less than sitting on a gas stove. Isn’t it? Deadlines, targets, promotions, politics… There is so much that burns you every day. You feel grilled under that never ending pressure, just for the sake of a tiny paycheck.